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Kaka vs. Nick DeLeon: Who wore it better (well, worse)?

In which we judge a couple of moments the two men will want to put behind them

Major League Soccer is at an interesting time in its development as a league. While it’s recruited the likes of Didier Drogba, Sebastian Giovinco, Giovani dos Santos and Kaka, the enterprise nevertheless remains dependent on more modestly paid mere mortal players developed through college and in the league. The MLS All-Star Game increasingly features the former group, though it’s still fun to see the odd local product feature against Europe’s best.

In the current version of MLS, tare moments where those squad players create magic on par with their multi-million-dollar colleagues. And then there are moments where everybody looks silly, including World Cup winners. Tonight, we’re talking about these latter moments, those where nobody comes out looking good, and our men of honor are 2007 Ballon d’Or winner Kaka and D.C. United midfielder Nick DeLeon.

Let’s start with DeLeon’s endeavors, which we spotlighted in our gifs post after United’s loss to Toronto over the weekend.

I think Nicky would tell you it wasn’t his best moment, but how did Kaka fare in the first half of tonight’s All-Star Game against Arsenal?

Woof. So, then. Obviously both players are miles better than these specific moments cherry-picked for our enjoyment. That said, and this being the internet, it’s on us to decide: Who wore it better (which is to say, worse)?