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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Y'all miss Andy too, right?

Also brb going to check out Atlanta United FC's (ugh) shiny new things (woo).

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Belated thanks to those who turned out for our tailgate on Saturday! I was, of course, the one in the Doyle jersey (RIP).

Today is one of those Tuesdays I don't have a lot for you. Oh, did you hear Lin-Manuel Miranda/Hamilton won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama? Did you really think I'd go a whole day without mentioning Hamilton? (I'm seeing it in three weeks, people.)

Okay, on to soccer.

Levien and Kaplan tell Swansea City their plans are long-term as more details on takeover group emerge | Wales Online
Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to have so much money that you just traverse the world looking for sports teams to buy.

Why context is crucial in evaluating referees - The Goat Parade
What is this logical nonsense?! I just want to yell at referees. And at Fabian Espindola, sometimes/a lot of times.

Atlanta United unveil dazzling plans for "best in MLS" training complex |
Ok ok I can get behind this.

After seeing Chicago from the other side, Shipp gets back to soccer | FourFourTwo
Getting shipped (sorry) out to new teams overnight honestly must be so difficult. I still feel bad for Alain Rochat. If someone said to me tomorrow, "Surprise! You live in Denver now!" I'd be very WTF.

Tottenham inch closer to league leaders Leicester with win at Stoke | FOX Sports
For those of you keeping tabs. I only vaguely keep tabs on the EPL through others' tweets but through the magic of Twitter I have gleaned that I must support Leicester so gtfo Tottenham!!


:( :( :(

Your turn! Hit the comments, folks.