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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: #HereIsBenny

Nothing like some #BennyWatch to start the day.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It's only Tuesday? I feel like we are certainly at least halfway through the week by now. Oof.

The Best-Dressed MLS Coach Bracket: Vote now in the play-in round |

D.C. United follow Portland Timbers' MLS Cup-winning blueprint into playoffs | FOX Sports
I would be fine with this.

Why Preki chose St. Louis for his coaching return | FourFourTwo
The second page of this is about Ben Olsen, FYI. #WhereIsBenny

Can FC Dallas overcome the loss of Mauro Diaz and make American soccer history? | FOX Sports
Tore his Achilles on Sunday. :\

Liverpool, Manchester United play to tedious 0-0 draw in disappointing clash
I saw a lot about this on my Twitter timeline yesterday, so, yeah.

Pep Guardiola rubbishes idea that the Premier League is more intense than La Liga or the Bundesliga - Mirror Online
"I hear a lot of times about the intensity of the Premier League when none of you have been in La Liga or the Bundesliga to know how it is."

Cover the rest in the comments, friends. I'm about to go fall asleep at my desk.