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Crystal Dunn and Ali Krieger star in wonderful USWNT animated video series

The Olympics-bound Washington Spirit stars tell stories from their childhoods, and it's delightful.

The Washington Spirit's Crystal Dunn and Ali Krieger are two members of the United States team that will be favored to win gold next month at the Rio Olympics. And that means that they each get their own entries in a series of animated videos about team members. Get ready to be delighted.

Crystal Dunn tells a story of the moment when she became one of the smaller players on the field. We know there's a happy ending, but Dunn nearly quit the game when she was 13. As for Krieger, her story tells of how she loved -- loved -- rocks as a little girl. It is wonderful.

Krieger's video, called "The Rock Star," is below, and Dunn's is at the top of this post.

If you're as charmed as I am by these -- which, if you're not, you should probably do some deep thinking about the nature of joy and stuff -- you can check out the full series at US Soccer's YouTube page.