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D.C. United's new stadium comes to life in 3D model

The first look at Buzzard Point without the use of computers looks nice.

Earlier today, Michael Morris posted a photo on Instagram showing a 3D model of D.C. United's future stadium at Buzzard Point. The model can be found at the team's preview center at Union Market:

Always cool to check out new sports developments happening. #dcunited #buzzardpoint #soccer

A photo posted by Michael Morris (@canadev) on

Without having seen the team's preview center or model in the flesh yet, it certainly would appear to mirror the "contemporary-industrial" look that they were going for back when documents on the stadium first came out in January. And the photo's perspective, which appears to be looking down 2nd Street from T Street, shows how pronounced the canopy over the East section is compared to the West, along with a rough idea on what a scoreboard would look like on the north end of the stadium.

We'll continue to provide updates as we see more signs of progress toward a real ground-breaking, but for the time being it does feel nice to have these moments of increasing tangibility.