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Where in the World is Alhaji Kamara?

The answer to this may pertain to D.C. United’s summer moves.

While D.C. United’s scoreless streak of non PK goals continued in their loss to Toronto FC, the thought lingers: just where is forward Alhaji Kamara?

The 23-year old forward scored a hat trick for the Richmond Kickers just more than 3 weeks ago and has 4 goals this year. For a team at the bottom of both the Eastern Conference and the Goals For columns, one would think the Black-and-Red would be in need of him, right?

Apparently not. The team did not bring him to Toronto and he did not travel to the USL affiliate Richmond Kickers last week in Charleston or this week in RVA, and he was not in the 18 for D.C. this week.

Moreover, he is apparently in Portugal:

When asked for a response at the TFC game, both Olsen and a team spokesperson had no comment.

So let’s assume Kamara’s contract has been bought out before the Contract Guarantee Date of July 1. There would seem to be some things to consider before the summer window opens a week later:

  • D.C. would have 2 open senior roster spots. There seems to be conflicting information about this since Chris Korb rejoined the Black-and-Red, with the League site stating that he is while others saying he isn't. This is an important consideration vis a vis whether a senior roster player is on the budget (or salary cap). Second, and sneakily important:
  • D.C. would have 2 international roster spots open. This portion is the stronger element here of course, be it some sort of loan deal from Jason Levien’s Swansea City side (whose U-23 side recently won the Premier League version of that League) or another means, combined with getting 3 international spots back at the end of the year, D.C. may be in a good position with roster assets going forward.

Either way, this story is worth keeping an eye on.