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D.C. United appears to have Federico Savisky on trial

The Argentine defender’s story is an interesting one

It looks like D.C. United has seemingly done most of the work to bring in Bolivian attacker Bruno Miranda, but it looks like they’ve been digging around Argentina for players as well. Federico Savisky, a 23 year old defender from Argentine club Pacifico de Cabildo in the Liga del Sur, appears to be a new trialist with the Black-and-Red. When contacted, United said they could not comment on players not on the club’s roster.

Now, here’s where things get interesting because as much as I can tell, LdS remains deep in the lower tiers of Argentine soccer, like 5th or 6th division deep. Before Pacifico, Savisky played for Tiro Federal, Ferro Carril Oeste, and Olimpo (all clubs that were in the first or second division at the time he was there).

Savisky was studying for a career in real estate and living with 8 people before getting the trial invite, which he appears to be enjoying:

Estadio de dc united!

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And hey, would you imagine that, there’s a highlight reel:

I’m going to be frank, when I dropped this name to the other B&RU writers they didn’t know what to make of bringing in Savisky, but trialists are trialists, meaning they all have long odds of sticking. Here’s hoping United found a diamond (way down deep) in the rough.