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Watch Ben Olsen’s post-game remarks after D.C. United’s loss to FC Dallas

Frustrated with a “naive” United, Olsen says reinforcements are coming

D.C. United enters the Gold Cup break on the back of a 4-2 loss to FC Dallas that has left fans and players frustrated. Ben Olsen is frustrated too, even after a game in which United managed to create enough chances against a top defense to possibly even get a tie. After the defensive mistakes and wasted opportunities in the attacking end, that’s no surprise.

Tonight, after the game, our Steven Streff was on site and got to talk to Olsen about his opinion of both this match and the team’s season thus far. For the most part, United’s longtime boss is clearly irritated with his side’s ability to “be in every game” recently only to mostly throw results away with mistakes.

The fact is that United was in tonight’s game. Up 1-0 in the 30th minute, they conceded via a set piece - again! - and then gave up a second with virtually no time left in the first half. 2-1 is not a disaster, but Maxi Urruti’s 47th minute goal was a gut punch, and eight minutes later Roland Lamah finished off the kind of counter that every team knows you can’t let up against this Dallas team.

Even then, at 4-1, United pulled a goal back, and then wasted numerous chances to get themselves back to 4-3. Throw in some late saves by Jesse Gonzalez, and for once the Black-and-Red’s problem wasn’t generating good chances. But that’s the tale of 2017, and Olsen clearly wants to see something else from his players after the Gold Cup break.