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D.C. United news, Washington Spirit sign six, Ignacio Piatti leaves Montreal, and more: Freedom Kicks for 2/11/2020

It’s a dreary Tuesday in the DMV

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Xavier Dussaq / D.C. United

If you told me to give you a forecast for Tuesday, February 11, just as a concept rather than a specific scientific endeavor, I would definitely expect dreary, rainy, and generally dour. And that’s exactly what we’re getting. So, let’s talk about something else!

Edison Flores receives visa; Julian Gressel nears new contract | Washington Post
There’s some good news for D.C. United in here: Edison Flores has his visa and is back in training, Julian Gressel is very close to a (probably long-term) contract, and Erik Sorga is transitioning from being technically a Loudoun player to a full D.C. contract. There’s also bad news, with Flores dealing with a minor injury, joining Yamil Asad and Donovan Pines (who is unluckily on his second preseason knock) as probably not playing in United’s next preseason game.

There was a rumor linking Andy Najar to LAFC going around yesterday, but since there was nothing behind it beyond one Belgian outlet offering a declaration backed with no sources, quotes, or evidence of any actual reporting, we’re not linking to it! If something actually concrete comes up, we’ll share it.

Ola Kamara aims to “smash everything” into the net for DC United in 2020 |
Now that’s the kind of talk you want to hear from your striker.

Washington Spirit sign 2020 NWSL draft picks and goalkeeper Katie Lund | Black and Red United
The Washington Spirit still have some time to wait for preseason to start, but they’ve got their roster nearly sorted already.

Inter Miami Loses First Round of Trademark Battle With Inter Milan |
Ah, that’s funny.

Inside MLS’s sudden influx of new arrivals from Brazilian clubs, and why the trend may continue | The Athletic
United hasn’t been involved in this (yet), but some interesting notes here about why MLS clubs have seen an uptick in signings from Brazil.

Reviewing every MLS team’s new kits for 2020: The bold, the beautiful and the bland | The Athletic
I don’t agree with everything here (the Red Bulls doing a kit that is a tribute to D.C. United is an almost inconceivably embarrassing kit), but it’s still a fun piece.

Rating 2020 MLS Shirts | Black and Red United FanPost
You know who else took on this year’s jerseys? One of our own readers, DC_Josh!

Piatti - It’s Official, At Last... | Mount Royal Soccer
Ignacio Piatti has been rumored to be leaving the Montreal Impact for about 3 years now, but this time it’s for real. Arguably the best winger in MLS in the last decade is heading back to Argentina to play for San Lorenzo.

Losing $375 million in the name of men’s sports | Power Plays
A second-rate football league that has already failed gets another shot, while the most sustainable attempts at women’s team sports are run on a shoestring and then given a hard time for not turning an instant profit? Not great!

Nike’s Vaporfly shoes changed running, and the track and field world is still sifting through the fallout | Washington Post
This isn’t really related to anything we cover here, but it’s fascinating to me, so now you’re stuck with the option of reading it or not.

That’s everything I got to yesterday. I’m heading to this morning’s United training session, so hopefully we’ll have a report from there for you in the near future.