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USMNT, Tori Huster and TikTok, and more: Freedom Kicks for 5 November 2020

Soccer, go!

Jose Argueta/Washington Spirit

Hello! It is wild out in the world, so I hope that you all are staying sane. I made chili yesterday, using dried chilis for the first time, and it was much better than just using a crapton of chili powder. If you’ve never done it that way, like I hadn’t, I highly recommend it (and it isn’t that much more work!). The Serious Eats recipe is what I built mine off of, and its a good place to start.

Anyways, to the soccer:

Also, with the whole pandemic going on, its a lot harder for MLS players to get over to Europe right now.

I need a video of the Spirit’s young players teaching Tori Huster about TikTok right now.

Adrian Heath is BIG MAD, apparently about people online who like to criticize his tactical selections.

Good to see DCU alum Alvaro Saborio still kicking it around out there.

That’s all I have today. What’s up?