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Rooney’s future, Bedoya’s statement, & more: Freedom Kicks for 8/6/2019

And Petke’s nonsense.

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Good morning, everything is terrible.

Rumors swirl around Wayne Rooney’s future at D.C. United | B&RU


Now that that’s out of the way, how’s everybody doing? Are you as tired as I am? I think I’m still soccer-hungover from Sunday, honestly. In, like, the worst way.

Here are your links for today, folks.

Alejandro Bedoya lauded for statement against gun violence, won’t be fined | MLS

Obviously Sunday’s game was trash, but Bedoya’s statement was not trash.

Kind of an interesting, more in-depth look at the events of the last couple days.

The only out, gay player in MLS history* is shocked that RSL coach allegedly shouted a homophobic slur at a ref | The Salt Lake Tribune

*Obviously this is incorrect, because Collin Martin. Nonetheless, come on, Mike Petke. Be better.

New details emerge of actions that led to Mike Petke’s three-game ban for berating officials | The Athletic

I regret to inform you I do not have the details because I don’t have an Athletic subscription.

David Beckham’s Inter Miami: Update on first players, links to Falcao and other star signings | ESPN

I honestly forget we’re still doing this Inter Miami thing until I see another article about it.

I’m out, friends. Have a good day, and I leave you with #memories of Curiosity landing on Mars seven years ago yesterday.