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D.C. United wins, Wayne Rooney goes Muta scale & more: Freedom Kicks for 7/30/18

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A surprisingly DCU-centric pile of Monday links.

Hi, so a word about Fan Allocation Money, or FAM in D.C. United circles. I sold all my weeknight games back to the club, and had enough to upgrade to an all-inclusive club seat without having to spend a dime. I watched future United States men’s general manager Earnie Stewart nurse a cape codder while watching the game, watched another guy loudly ask the section if this was a fortress or a bank (without apparently remembering how much his seat costs for a year), and saw a D.C. United executive hang out on the concourse with someone that looked like a player while Dave Kasper was on the phone in another spot on the concourse. So catch that FAM fever is what I’m trying to say I guess. Oh, and if you don’t know and want to know what the Muta Scale is, the following is a good but gory explanation, so clicker beware.

Recaps of D.C.’s win over the Colorado Rapids by us (with more from us here), MLS (with more from them here), WaPo and WaTi. Burgundy Wave has the 5280 side of things.

Old Man Wayne Rooney Suffers Dearly For That MLS Life (Deadspin): So like Alex Ovechkin, Wayne Rooney breaks his nose and scores a kind of memorable goal for D.C. fans. Unlike Alex Ovechkin, Rooney did the nose break last, which tamps the drama. Speaking of drama, he appears to be attempting to tweak his British estate following a burglary attempt, and teammate Luciano Acosta shares some thoughts on Wazza to the Argentine outlet Ole.

Bag policy at Audi Field leaves some DC United fans angry, waiting in line (WTOP): Apparently this was a furor Saturday that I missed. However on Sunday, the team seemed to be intent on remedying this.

BoJack Horseman comes to Comedy Central this fall (The Verge): I’m a fan of the show of a has-been ‘80s sitcom actor who happens to be a horse, so getting this on a regular network is good in the sense I can DVR it now.

Anyway, hope you like your Monday, and feel free to include your Muta scale takes below.