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France vs. Belgium, Jesse Marsch to RB Leipzig, and more: Freedom Kicks for 7/10/18

Plus: the weirdo questions asked at World Cup press conferences.

You guyssss, I know the Audi Field opener is on Saturday, but I’m attending a friend’s wedding instead and even though that, too, is a lovely event, I will be feeling much jealousy of those at the game. So you are all required to have an extra good time for me.

And since this is all about me right now, I will also mention that I’m seeing Hamilton tonight. :D :D :D The Hamilton talk never ends around here, sorry not sorry.

Anywayyyy soccer is happening in the world right now and I am here to tell you about it. Leggo!

Since landing Wayne Rooney, D.C. United is being linked with some interesting rumors | B&RU

And who doesn’t love rumors, amirite?

Ties That Bind World Cup Semifinal Foes France, Belgium Go Beyond Thierry Henry | Sports Illustrated

I’m looking forward to this one (OK, so I look forward to all World Cup games). Both teams have been fun to watch and now that I have no horse in this race, I’d be happy to see either team advance (or even win!).

Jesse Marsch becomes assistant coach at RB Leipzig | Stars and Stripes FC

Interesting move for him and probably good experience. Maybe he steps up to the head coaching job one day?

Spain appoint ex-Barcelona manager Luis Enrique to replace Julen Lopetegui | ESPN

Honestly I still can’t believe Spain went out on penalties to Russia. The World Cup is amazing.

At World Cup, Russians embrace the world, one relationship at a time | The Washington Post

The World Cup is also about so much more than soccer.

The Bizarre Theater of the World Cup Press Conference | The New York Times

And yet! We still have to do it, apparently.

That’s all I got, folks. Enjoy the semifinal today, prep for Audi Field, and have a wonderful week!