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World Cup things, MLS All-Star jerseys, and more: Freedom Kicks for 6/19/18

Also, RIP Walter Bahr.

You guys having fun during this World Cup so far? I know that I am, minus that little blip on Sunday when Germany lost to Mexico (on my birthday, by the way, VIELEN DANK DEUTSCHLAND). And did I block off time on my calendar at work so people don’t try to schedule meetings with me during games? Me? Of course not.

Anyway, let’s get to those Freedom Kicks.

MLS unveils Atlanta-inspired jersey for 2018 All-Star Game pres. by Target | MLS

I like the navy and red colors...but that’s about it.

Walter Bahr, a Star of a World Cup Upset, Is Dead at 91 | The New York Times

A lovely obituary. RIP.

I’ve Got Some Things to Say | The Players’ Tribune

Romelu Lukaku tells his story, and it’s a great one. And yo, he also scored two goals yesterday.

7 thoughts about this Kevin De Bruyne pass, which made me feel things | SB Nation

This is a safe space to express your feelings, friends.

The World Cup Favorites Panic Index | SB Nation

OK obviously I don’t like dwelling on any Germany panic, but this is still funny.

Saudi Arabia World Cup squad land safely after apparent engine fire | ESPN

Oh, uh, OK, good to hear. Also, what?

Germany must rebuild collective power after Mexico tore it apart | ESPN

“‘I’m more angry than shocked,’ asserted team manager Oliver Bierhoff.” YOU AND ME BOTH BUDDY

Father’s Day brings Dunseth family together under banner of Pride | MLS

I had no idea Dunseth’s father is gay. Glad I came across this article. Happy Pride!

England pull out wild late winner when Harry Kane scores for second time to beat Tunisia 2-1 | SB Nation

Genuine question: Is it just me or have there been a lot of penalties so far? Am I inflating the number in my head? Is it always this many? Yes, I know I could look up this information myself. Yes, I’m still not doing that and posing the question to all of you.

That’s all from me, folks! Now let’s go watch some World Cup (or do whatever you want, I support you and your free will).