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Wayne Rooney, USMNT goalkeepers, and more: Freedom Kicks for 5/15/18

Plus: a wild Bob Bradley appears.

Whaddup, folks. Let us take a moment to mourn the fact that all the rainy weather this week is perfect for staying inside and reading and Netflix-ing, but instead I have to go to work and do work things. Please feel free to commiserate with me in the comments if you are in a similarly dismaying situation.

But rain or shine, Freedom Kicks is here and soccer rolls on. To the links!

Wayne Rooney, D.C. United inching closer to a deal | The Washington Post

I have already lived a thousand lives during this Wayne Rooney saga.

USMNT to Play 2019 Gold Cup Opener at New Stadium Allianz Field | Sports Illustrated

OK honestly I can’t think ahead to summer 2019. That’s too long from now! I don’t even accept that we’re basically already in summer 2018!

Assessing the American goalkeepers situation with an expert | Stars and Stripes FC

This is a pretty in-depth interview, so enjoy. Not much on Bill Hamid though if that’s why you’re clicking.

FC Yahoo Mixer: Our writers debate their 2018 World Cup power rankings | Yahoo! Sports

Leanne’s World Cup power rankings: 1) Germany, 2) Germany, 3) Germany ... and so on.

Net spend: Buffon, De Gea and why keepers are massively undervalued | The Guardian

Random Bob Bradley appearance in this one.

A pro soccer team in Israel wants to rename itself in Trump’s honor | The Washington Post

Kill me.

How the Supreme Court’s Sports Betting Ruling Affects Leagues, Players and Fans | Sports Illustrated

This was v. big news yesterday. Discuss!

Today we shall end with some adorable-ness. Doggos! All the doggos wished the Washington Spirit’s Rose Lavelle a happy birthday and you should all enjoy it.