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Let’s put some sauce in D.C. United’s jerseys

D.C. has so much potential for jerseys that define this great area. Let’s take a look at some options.

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With the opening of Audi Field set for July 14th, D.C. United will have traveled to 12 cities to play league matches before they first step foot into their new stadium. That means the secondary jersey will have plenty of use in the first half of the season. For years, fans of the Black-and-Red have debated about the best look for the team at home while being frustrated at the jerseys we employ when we hit the road. Some have begged for a red secondary or third jersey to complement the primary jersey and really stick to our Black-and-Red mantra. In 2011-12, the team did give us one. Still, after only a couple seasons, the team abandoned the all-red option and have since stuck with just a predominantly white secondary jersey.

So, since next year will see us get rid of the “Ninja Turtle” secondary jerseys that we have this year, I thought, why don’t we give the team some suggestions on a secondary (or 3rd) jersey that would incorporate some of the things that define DC’s identity, or even some details that could be added to the current primary jerseys that would give it some DC flair. Here are some of my picks for DC-centric jerseys or jersey details that the team should just go ahead and make a reality:

DC Flag

If the team (and the league) are going to insist on a predominantly white secondary jersey, then it should be modeled after the District of Columbia flag. Having a white top with the 3 stars and two bars with red shorts and white socks with the DC flag on it would be an instant classic. It would be a way to employ the white jersey that MLS seems to be pushing on teams while injecting some creativity and iconic DC imagery into the look.

Military Camo

The last couple of seasons, D.C. United have used digital camo numbers for Armed Forces Day, which I thought was done really well. How about taking that theme and making it the secondary jersey? A red, black, and white camo jersey with white numbers could pay tribute to our country’s military. You don’t even have to make the entire jersey camo. You could put the design on the front and have the back be a solid color so as to see the name and numbers, possibly even adding the camo numbers that we saw in previous seasons. You could pair this with white shorts and red socks to create a unique look.

Cherry Blossom Numbers

Now, this would be for the primary jersey, but how cool would it be next season to have cherry blossom-themed numbers for a home match that occurs during the Cherry Blossom Festival? It would provide something that is one of the central themes of spring in the District, and it would be terrific to pay tribute to some of the beauty that DC has to offer. Cherry blossom numbers would pop on the back of the primary jerseys, and they would have people buying jerseys just so they could get these DC-centric numbers on the back.

Washington Diplomats

Let’s look back to our soccer past and bring that look to define our future in a new building. The Washington Diplomats of the old NASL is still a team soccer OGs reflect on with pride. They had a unique design for their home jerseys…why don’t we take those elements and make it a secondary or third jersey for DCU? You could do the red Dips jersey with the 3-striped diagonal sash in white and pair it with white shorts, or you could do the white Dipset jersey with the black sash and black numbers. Either way, it would be a hit among the OGs of the DC soccer community and new fans as well.

US Flag

This is the nation’s capital, so having a flag themed jersey would be appropriate. Predominantly red with some navy and stars would probably look like something that the United States should wear against everyone, but the Black-and-Red can go Red, White & Blue and still represent DC.

Monument/Memorial Brick

The color of the brick used on the Washington Monument and the color of the various memorials (Lincoln, World War II, Korean, Jefferson, MLK Jr.) could be used to create a cream secondary jersey with black accents, cream shorts, and black numbers. Now, all of the memorials are slightly different in color, but you could take the Washington Monument brick color as a base and incorporate some of the other memorial themes in the jersey as well. You could also have that brick theme as a number set for the primary jersey.

Ronnie The Raccoon

I don’t even know how this would work, but a jersey theme based after our unofficial mascot, Ronnie the Raccoon? You know that would move units. Maybe you’d have a predominantly white jersey with brown sleeves and black numbers, with brown shorts with black trim. But, a Ronnie-themed jersey would be interesting and fun.

Cat in the Hat

Y’all know the drill. Bring back the Cat in the Hat jerseys, but you can change it around so that it’s not just another primary jersey. A red jersey with black and white striped sleeves is an option, or even saving it to serve as a primary jersey in the future, would be an instant seller.

Mambo/Mumbo Sauce

Something that everyone who calls D.C. home can relate to, how about a jersey in the color of mambo sauce? It would be a straight red jersey that could have black trim and white numbers, but the red would be the color of mambo sauce. If you need to put a color swatch in mambo sauce to see what matches up with it, go ahead. But, that would lend itself to great marketing potential and a jersey that’s still one Washingtonians can call their own.

Honorable mention: Half Smoke-themed jersey

Now D.C. United, now that you have some ideas for the next secondary jersey (and even some primary options), it’s time for you to act on them. Just give us credit when you do…and hook me up with a jersey!