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Baby Schweinsteiger and red pandas: Freedom Kicks for 3/20/18

Yes, red pandas.

Tell you what, guys. I sat down to put together this Freedom Kicks last night after having spent the entire day away from soccer news of any sort. I kept scrolling and scrolling back through my Twitter timeline to find what was going on, I checked my usual sites, etc., and I had trouble locating anything that looked interesting.

Did anything happen yesterday? Truly, I do not know.

I did however find this very important compilation of red panda photos. I also learned that Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Ivanovic had a baby boy, which is lovely.

Otherwise, I don’t have anything and my laziness has overcome me. So, you guessed it: it’s a free-for-all Freedom Kicks! Talk about whatever you want, soccer or not, and have a great day. Here’s a funny tweet for you for good measure: