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Concussion update, Meghan Klingenberg, and sponsors! Freedom Kicks for 25 October 2018

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Thailand vs United States Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Freedom Kicks is coming to you a little late this morning since I went to the gym and forgot my work shoes, leading me on a very dumb chase around the city of Richmond looking for a place both open and that would sell me shoes. Thanks Ross! Anyways, to the soccer:

New documents detail Lindsay Simpson’s concussion, cause of the accident, and her status with D.C. United – The Athletic: Pablo Maurer over at The Athletic has more details about the status of Lindsay Simpson with D.C. United and who mandated the last minute changes that resulted in her concussion.

Huge Buzzard Point restaurant to open - Washington Business Journal: If you want some casual seafood before you watch a soccer game (yes, please!) then you will soon be able to do it all on the comfy confines of Buzzard Point.

Major League Soccer to let teams sell new endorsement space on jerseys: D.C. United will have a new jersey sponsor next year, and may be able to wring even more money out of brands by being allowed to sell an arm patch.

Meghan Klingenberg takes on new role as studio analyst with Fox Sports | I’ve always enjoyed Meghan Klingenberg, and so I am happy I’ll be able to hear her commentary next summer during the World Cup!

That’s all I’ve got for now; what’s up?