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D.C. United wins, the USWNT qualifies & more: Freedom Kicks for 10/15/18

Also, Making a Murderer comes back.

Hi. So my kid’s birthday is a week from today and we got him one of those inflatable bounce castles because a) our kid is awesome and b) Amazon sells damn near everything, and was cheaper than renting it believe it or not. And if you’re a Dad of a toddler, having the chance to get a bouncy castle is like Cameron’s Dad’s Ferrari in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: if you have the means I highly recommend it.

Recaps of D.C. United’s 1-0 win over FC Dallas by us (with more from us here), WaPo and MLS (with more from them here).

A couple of mind blowing things from social media. First:

Delaney Williams has been on a number of shows but many (well, me) will remember him as Jay Landsman from HBO’s The Wire. So yeah, mind. Blown.

Second are these gems:

Saved The Crew (Massive Report): Also, the Columbus Crew SC appear to be...the Columbus Crew for the foreseeable future, or at least on their way to being so.

Herrera can play “15-20 minutes” against DC United (Hudson River Blue): It’s nice to be good and all, but New York City FC’s Russell Canouse (Yangel Herrera) may be returning against us, so plan accordingly.

United States women qualify for World Cup with 6-0 win over Jamaica (SSFC): Yay, France awaits!

Anyway, gotta go, I have some gifts to wrap. Here’s the trailer for Season Two of Making a Murderer, out on Netflix later this week: