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U.S. Soccer’s anthem policy, sexism in women’s soccer, and more: Freedom Kicks for 9/27/17

And in lighter news: Finland!

Hello! It me, your friendly neighborhood Tuesday Freedom Kick-er, here for Wednesday Freedom Kicks. Donald graciously swapped with me because I spent all of Monday moving and vowing to never move again. Who wants to help me unpack now?

Anyway, to the soccer!

Show-stoppers! The 6 best single-game scoring feats in MLS history | FourFourTwo
Whaddup, Hatrick Mullins!

U.S. Soccer's policy requiring players stand for national anthem still in place | ESPNFC
Ugh. I hope someone tests this.

A soft sexism continues to run through women's soccer unchecked | Yahoo! Sports
I’m so shocked.

This gay Major League Soccer referee is coming out to ease his mind | Outsports
Much respect to him. I mean, boo referees in general, obviously, every call is wrong!!! but much respect to him.

Ashley Cole still burns: forgotten man will not forget his English foes | The Guardian
I don’t know why but “forgotten man” kind of cracked me up when I first saw this headline.

The pleasure of the pursuit of players that form our fandom | Unusual Efforts
I love this. This is basically me, except my player is Miroslav Klose. And I’ve never met him. But omggggg would that I could.

All right, that’s all I got, folks. Fill in whatever I missed in the comments!