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USMNT World Cup qualifying, Arsenal’s woes, and more: Freedom Kicks for 8/29/17

Plus: Name that 2. Bundesliga club.

Happy Tuesday, folks! I still slightly can’t believe that D.C. United won on Saturday with an actual goal that they themselves scored. Damn if the mood at RFK wasn’t better than it’s been all year.

Anyway, on to the links I’ve got for y’all today!

A brief history of the USMNT versus Costa Rica | Stars and Stripes FC

Quick history lesson before Friday’s game for ya.

Toxic Talk: USMNT Roster Edition | Stars and Stripes FC

“Soccer is terrible and I’m dumb for liking it.” This speaks to me.

NYCFC to play a home match in Connecticut as troubles bringing a true soccer stadium to New York City continue | Howler

First of all, the font on Howler’s website makes my eyeballs hurt. Second of all, tell me more about these stadium woes, for they are unfamiliar to me.

Arsenal has been failing the same way for 10 years under Arsene Wenger: A timeline | SB Nation

I don’t really follow the Premier League, but I am peripherally aware of Arsenal’s struggles and while they are somewhat amusing to me, a neutral, they must be...frustrating, to say the least, for fans.

Haji Wright, 19, Tells ASN: "Everything is Going Well" | American Soccer Now

That’s nice, kid! I’d never heard of Sandhausen until today, but that’s nice!

The Journey: Morgan Brian | US Soccer

Congrats to her for graduating from the University of Virginia! I know people who took six years to graduate who definitely didn’t have the “playing international soccer at the highest level” excuse.

That’s all from me, so hit the comments with anything else today, friends.