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USMNT gets a point in Mexico, Mal Pugh hurt? and more: Monday Freedom Kicks

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Also, anyone want some cats?

Hi. A little tired from the game and a little melancholy; doctor says our 7 month old has a severe allergy to our two cats (which we’ve had for a dozen years), so if you know anyone that wants to foster a couple of senior indoor felines, hit me up and such.

USMNT take point from Azteca Stadium with 1-1 draw against Mexico (us) - After seeing United States coach Bruce Arena talk about a plan for the Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago games a week ago when players came into camp, it reminded me you should never give out a long-term job extension contract with no merit. Ever. More from WaPo and Stars and Stripes FC.

USA ekes out 1-0 win over Norway - Stars and Stripes FC: Lost in this particular friendly? That’d be Washington Spirit player Mallory Pugh, who injured her ankle during warmups and did not appear. So...hooray!

Failing to Impress: DC United's Early Season Struggles and How to Fix Them - EIF Soccer: Following on the hells of this fan post, another suggestion re: D.C. United’s formation.

Filmi Girl!: [D.C. Untied 2.10] D.C. United vs LA Galaxy, June 3, 2017: Filmi chimes in with a concern that plagues the few writers of this team. Or maybe just me, I don’t know.

United Soccer League scouting Canton, Fells Point for potential stadium site - Baltimore Business Journal: With an eye to approval by the end of the year, with a team on site and playing in 3.

Richmond Kickers’ struggle continues with 1-0 loss to Charleston Battery - us: Minus Chris Durkin and Alhaji Kamara (whose Sierra Leone team beat Kenya over the weekend without him), the Kickers lose another close one. The Kickers have scored 8 goals (good for 28th in the 30 team USL), and Kamara has half of them.

Homegrown Watch: 5 players worth contracts (Top Drawer Soccer, $): Not the dollar sign as this is a paywall thing, but you know why this applies to D.C. United, I’d presume.

Christos confident heading into DC United game | So Much Sports Baltimore : So much so, they may even practice!

Sounders President of Soccer Garth Lagerwey thinks SuperLiga 2.0 "would be awesome" - Sounder At Heart: I think having a good night’s rest would be awesome too, but I know it’s not attainable.

Woodbridge resident Nelson Martinez headed to Japan with U.S. U16 Boys National Soccer Team | Sports | Baby Black-and-Red kids continue to get callups.

Reusse: MLS players leave mid-season, and call themselves a major league? - I laughed at this when I first saw it, and downright guffawed when I saw this. Land of 10,000 takes.

‘The Leftovers’ Has TV’s Best Soundtrack: Here’s How That Happens: The HBO show The Leftovers (from Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof) just wrapped up last week, and for my money it was one of the better shows out there, with an amazing soundtrack to boot, and this talks about how it came together.

It’s a hot one today, so do stay hydrated.