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D.C. United Hires Youth Team Coaches, Including Father of World Cup Winner

D.C. United brings in some decent names to coach up the kids.

Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Charles Boehm reported on budget cuts to D.C. United's youth teams, with one Academy Coordinator already departing, and a U-15/16 coach who would not be brought back, and the team earned some derision for the personnel and financial decisions. Tonight, the team announced the hire of four coaches to the youth staff, including Ken Krieger, father of United States (and Washington Spirit) player Ali Krieger, would be taking over as the team's U-16 coach.

Before being known to some as Ali Krieger's Dad, Ken has been a longtime coach at various posts in Virginia, among them Prince William county and did coach the U-14 and U-16's for D.C. in 2001 (D.C.'s current U-23 coach Richie Burke was the team's Technical Director of the Academy during that time) and most recently Director of McLean Youth Soccer.

In addition to Krieger's hire, Gus Teren (formerly an Academy assistant coach) takes over the reins of the U-15 squad, and David Miekeljohn serves as the Academy Goalkeeping Coach, working presumably under first team goalkeeper coach (and Director of Goalkeepers) Zach Thornton. Patrick Mannix, the U.S. Soccer Youth National Team Fitness Coach, assumes the role of Lead Sport Performance Coach.

The youth teams begin preparations for the coming year this week.