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Washington Spirit toy with our emotions by teasing their new kit, add sleeve sponsor


Nikita Taparia

Eighty-four years ago, before the 2020 NWSL regular season was officially postponed, the Washington Spirit were reportedly on track to release a new kit ahead of the brand new season. They even teased a striking and unexpected color combination February 27th via Twitter. However, we all know that since then the world has caught fire and most signs of the apocalypse have now been fulfilled and supreme doom is nigh.

Until then, the NWSL has committed to entertaining us with through a June/July tournament called the 2020 NWSL Challenge Cup. The first match of the tournament will kickoff on June 27th, and the Spirit will join the fray in a tussle with the Utah Royals (who recently released this stunning kit) June 30th. If you have a calendar handy, you can clearly see that all of this will be happening precisely SOON.

In advance of the festivities, the Spirit have released yet another tease about their long-awaited new kit…

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Did someone say "drop the kit?"

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You read that right, the Spirit will be unveiling their newest, freshest look two days before the tournament officially kicks off. Everything’s fine. At least in this tease we can deduce a couple of exciting things. It doesn’t seem as if the hoops wrap around the back of the shirt, which should give it a classic and rugged look, and the collar has a white stripe across the back which accents player names and numbers. It still remains to be seen how the color combination pops on the kit as a whole.

While I was contemplating the final design, and humanity’s purpose on Earth, the Spirit released some additional information — this time about a new sponsor.

The press release states that the partnership was agreed toward the end of 2019 but was withheld until now due to the pandemic. The good news is that the Spirit have picked up a new, committed sponsor in the midst of *waves hands at everything*. For football shirt-aholics like myself, the best news is that Sandy Spring Bank’s logo is clean and should look good on a sleeve.

So there you have it, in one week all will be revealed. You’ve waited eighty-four years, what’s another six days? (Don’t answer that.)