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Washington Spirit vs. Sky Blue postponed to tomorrow at 10:00am Eastern

It’s 2018, nothing can go according to plan

Anya Button

The 2018 NWSL season has been unrelentingly cruel to the Washington Spirit and to Sky Blue FC. Naturally, their final meeting would descend into a bizarre farce. With both teams combining to suit up just 31 of the normal 36 available players, and needing a total of 8 national team replacement players between tem just to get to that low number, the weather gods intervened, with lightning forcing a postponement to tomorrow at 10:00am.

The weather delay began before warm-ups even began, and despite two separate instances of the SoccerPlex’s alert system issuing an all-clear, lightning continued to strike the area.

The situation is complicated by several factors. Spirit players previously tweeted that Friday was their final training session at the end of a long season, which means many players have probably made plans to leave town for various reasons. From the league’s standpoint, the fact that Sky Blue has another game on Tuesday (itself rescheduled after the New Jersey-based club had flights cancelled in an attempt to fly out to face the Chicago Red Stars) is also a major factor.

However, it was apparently not enough of a factor to preclude making them stay an extra night.