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NWSL Draft 2018: Time, TV schedule and how to watch online

Grab a drink and stay in wifi range, because the Washington Spirit are going to be all kinds of busy today

Caitlin Buckley

Following a 2017 season that went badly in just about every way imaginable, the Washington Spirit find themselves with a great chance to rebound quickly. Two days after acquiring Taylor Smith and Ashley Hatch, the Spirit have the first and third picks in this year’s NWSL draft. They’ve also got three of the first eleven picks...and four of the first sixteen...look, they have a lot of picks.

The pre-draft expectations are that the Spirit will select Stanford’s Andi Sullivan, but as of this writing the star midfielder is not registered for the draft. While rumors are pointing towards her signing, Washington’s choices early in the draft will dictate the terms of the rest of the day to every other team in the league.

Having shown a willingness to make deals, there is the distinct possibility that the Spirit is angling for more trades. Or, perhaps they simply have designs on another player out of this draft class being a major player for them in 2018? Selecting forward Savannah McCaskill, for example, would give them two players who are currently in the USWNT’s January camp.

In other words, expect today to be wild.

Location: Philadelphia Convention Center (Philadelphia, PA)

Start time: 10:00am Eastern

Available TV: None

Available streaming: The NWSL will stream the draft on Youtube, Facebook, the league site, and on the NWSL app.

What do we have to say about it?: Caitlin Buckley wrote this handy guide of what we expect.

What are you drinking?: I will be in the press area at the draft, and after boarding a train that leaves before sunrise, I’m really hoping the coffee is good.

This is the place to be for what promises to be a wild and busy day of NWSL moves.