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2015 World Cup: Time, TV, and streaming info for Monday's games in Groups C and D

Group C might only have one important game left in it, but Group D is going to get crazy.

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Another pair of groups are about to finish up, including the United States and the rest of Group D. With only one of the eight teams playing today sure of their advancement - that's Japan, the defending champs - and none eliminated, there are a wide range of outcomes. The US, for example, could end up facing Brazil or Canada in their next game.

In Group C, Japan is through and in all likelihood are going to win the group with the maximum 9 points. Ecuador has already lost 6-0 and 10-1, and Japan is a stronger team than Switzerland or Cameroon. The Nadeshiko will rest some players, but this one's the mismatch of the day. To stay in the tournament, Ecuador is going to have to beat one of the best teams in the world by many, many goals and then scoreboard watch to see where they stack up against the other 3rd place teams.

The other game is the one you should really focus in on. Both teams are on 3 points, but the Swiss have a better goal difference right now. The obvious concern here is avoiding the scoreboard watching of finishing third, but the winner here (or, if it's a tie, the Swiss) get an extra benefit: Their Round of 16 game will be in Edmonton, which is where they're playing today. One less long flight is always a good thing when playing soccer games in a giant country.

In Group D, things are more complicated. Let's start with the Americans: US Soccer published this handy breakdown of every scenario for those of us who plan on watching two screens at once. Should the US win the group, they would get six days of rest and a short-ish trip from Vancouver to Edmonton for their Round of 16 game against a 3rd place team from either group B, E, or F. That sounds great compared to what the runner-up will get: A day less rest, a cross-country trip to Moncton, and a game against Brazil. If the US loses and ends up in 3rd place, Germany or Canada await (assuming that they finish among the top 4 3rd place teams, which is highly likely). So, yeah...we really want to win this group. Though there's a chance that France ends up in 3rd and playing the US in what some thought of as a potential final. Weird 24 team structure, weird knockout stage outcomes.

Meanwhile, if Nigeria beats the US, they still won't be sure of their fate. They could win the group if they win by 2 goals and the Australia-Sweden game is a low-scoring draw. They could also still be eliminated if they win by one goal depending on how the other games in groups C, E, and F go. In any case, Nigeria has to win for any hope of advancement, so their task is clear.

In the other game, both sides could win the group if the US loses. However, a US loss would also mean that the loser of this game ends up in 4th place, so we could end up seeing crazy swings of momentum depending on the score of the other match. If things go to plan and the US beats Nigeria, however, both teams will be playing to avoid the relative lottery of being in the pool of 3rd place teams.

Group C: Ecuador vs. Japan

Kickoff time: 5:00pm Eastern

TV/Streaming: Fox Sports 1, NBC Universo, Fox Soccer 2Go, NBC Deportes En Vivo Extra, NBC Universo Now

Venue: Winnipeg Stadium (Winnipeg)

Group C: Switzerland vs. Cameroon

Kickoff time: 5:00pm Eastern

TV/Streaming: Fox Sports 2, Fox Sports Go, Fox Soccer 2Go, NBC Deportes En Vivo Extra

Venue: Commonwealth Stadium (Edmonton)

Group D: Nigeria vs. USA

Kickoff time: 8:00pm Eastern

TV/Streaming: Fox, NBC Universo, Fox Soccer 2Go, NBC Universo Now, NBC Deportes En Vivo Extra

Venue: BC Place Stadium (Vancouver)

Group D: Australia vs. Sweden

Kickoff time: 8:00pm Eastern

TV/Streaming: Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports Go, Fox Soccer 2Go, NBC Deportes En Vivo Extra

Venue: Commonwealth Stadium (Edmonton)

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