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USA vs. Sweden 2015 final score: 0-0 is all she wrote

The U.S. women's national team stay at the top of Group D despite a disappointing draw with Sweden.

Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

After securing three points in their opening game against Australia, the USWNT were only good for one against Sweden, playing to a disappointing 0-0 draw in Winnipeg on Friday night. There was a lot of talk leading up to this one—a lot of trash talk, even—but neither side managed to find the back of the net.

Nonetheless, the U.S. maintain top spot in Group D. Ready for a recap? Here's your match diary for the game, brought to you by Trader Joe's three buck Chuck and very little sleep.

Pre-game: For god knows what reason, the USWNT Twitter account decided to list the starting lineup in order of the players' numbers instead of the team's formation, which is one of the stupider things I've seen in this world.

Anyway, while we're on the subject of the starting lineup, it's great to see Morgan Brian starting but more than a bit head-scratching to see her out wide. Christen Press moves up top for this one in place of Abby Wambach. Otherwise, this is the same lineup that started against Australia.

By the way, I didn't time this well and I have to go grab laundry as these anthems are happening. Hopefully I make it back in time for the crucial, game-changing first kick.

6': Er, no, I didn't get back in time at all. Twitter tells me I missed some excitement, but the scoreline tells me we've had no early goals. Phew.

9': Just heard a trio of high-pitched woos, such is the crowd at women's soccer games. Also, unclear as to what they were woo-ing.

12': Camera just showed the Nigerian team heading to their seats in the stadium. Quick, someone distract them for the next 80+ minutes!!

14': Appeals for a penalty as Press is manhandled in the box by Nilla Fischer, but it's Press who gets called for the foul. Ummmm hi refereee you were wrong on that one.

22': Did Sydney Leroux just handle the ball in the box? Maybe, but it's not called. So let's just, um, move on and conveniently look away when they show replays that prove pretty conclusively the U.S. got away with one there.

28': Tony DiCicco is still the worst in the booth, in case anyone was wondering. Oh, now the U.S. have a corner and they're playing it short and SHOCK OF SHOCKS it comes to nothing because short corners.

36': The U.S. just had approximately one million chances to get a goal but nope, still 0-0. Couple minutes later, they get close again. They're applying the pressure, but so far it's just pressure, and meanwhile, Sweden are spending their fair share of time in the U.S. half. Someone's got to give at some point, right? Maybe?

42:' By the way, Switzerland are currently beating Ecuador 10-1. Eight goals in the second half for Switzerland. Also there were three own goals. Girl, what.

Halftime: 0-0. That final piece is missing for the U.S. They're not taking advantage of the space Sweden is giving, and hey, maybe it's not helping that Brian is not a wide player but I guess no one told Jill Ellis that. Meanwhile, Tobin Heath sits twiddling her thumbs.

46': No subs for either side to start the second half. Siiiiigh.

52': CONTROVERSIAL OPINION ALERT: "I would like to see Alex Morgan come into this game." Whoa, dial back that crazy, Cat Whitehill.

58': U.S. substitution as Amy Rodriguez comes in for Brian. Press moves out wide so ARod can slot in up top. Scientists currently looking to study Heath's apparent powers of invisibility.

64': Carli Lloyd and Jessica Samuelsson knock heads and Lloyd is down. She does get up, though, and we're back on. Wambach looking set to come in.

67': U.S. substitution as Wambach replaces Press. we have no one at right wing now? Who can say, really. Not I. I guess it's a 4-3-3?

72': That should've been the one for the U.S. Wambach gets a close-range header but Hedvig Lindahl gets a hand to it. That one took a high, sharp bounce off the field after Wambach headed it down.

77': Huge save off the line from Meghan Klingenberg! Ball hit her head, then hit the crossbar. That. That was close. Kling is 5'2'" by the way, the shortest player on the team. Oh, and we have a U.S. substitution: Alex Morgan on for Leroux.

Full time: USA 0-0 Sweden. After the Australia game I believe I told you all not to panic. And maybe still don't panic, but you'd be forgiven for feeling nervous. Next up: Nigeria on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

U.S. lineup (4-4-2): Hope Solo; Ali Krieger, Julie Johnston, Becky Sauerbrunn, Meghan Klingenberg; Morgan Brian (Amy Rodriguez 58'), Carli Lloyd, Lauren Holiday, Megan Rapinoe; Christen Press (Abby Wambach 67'), Sydney Leroux (Alex Morgan 78')

Sweden lineup (4-4-2): Hedvig Lindahl; Elin Rubensson, Amanda Ilestedt, Nilla Fischer, Jessica Samuelsson; Sofia Jakobsson, Lisa Dahlkvist, Caroline Seger, Lina Nilsson (Linda Sembrant 70'); Therese Sjögran (Emilia Appelqvist 75'), Lotta Schelin