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Steve Birnbaum, Perry Kitchen added to USMNT Camp

Hey, more people who wear (or wore) Black and Red to wear the Red, White and Blue

Remember the other day when some dummy mentioned when D.C. United goalkeeper Bill Hamid was called up to the United States Mens' National Team camp that begins Sunday that Hamid's teammates Steve Birnbaum and Perry Kitchen weren't called up? Well, Jurgen Klinsmann has remedied this error in judgment, adding two more players from D.C. United's 2015 season to the camp, along with San Jose Earthquakes goalkeeper David Bingham and defender Brandon Vincent, teammate of Jordan Morris at Stanford and current MLS Superdraft Combine attendance, though that will presumably end shortly when the left back reports to camp.

Of minor consequence, the camp roster says that Kitchen is unattached, and the D.C. United tweet which accompanied this news only mentions/is proud of Birdbomb being called up. Regardless, in between Jurgen's experimental and MLS-heavy roster and these two new additions, D.C. United fans should be happy, while crossing fingers that Jurgen doesn't return a club team's starting goalkeeper and center back in worse condition than when he took them in.