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World Cup Qualifying: Costa Rica vs. United States Preview - When last we met... SNOWGAME!!

It was awesome for all parties involved, until Costa Rica lost - at which point they thought it was significantly less awesome. Relive every wonderful moment of last March's snowgame in Denver.

Tonight, the United States Men's National Team has a chance to secure their place in next year's World Cup in Brazil. All they need to do is win (and have Panama fail to win against Jamaica and also have Mexico and Honduras tie). But really, the Yanks are all but in, thanks in no small part to three points secured on a snowy night in Colorado back in March. That night, Clint Dempsey's 16th-minute goal was enough to win the USA the game and all three points in the blizzard.

Clearly, the soccer gods (specifically those controlling the weather) favor the Land of the Free over the Ticos this year, so what wacky weather conditions should we expect tonight down in San Juan, CR? Massive tailwind for the U.S., maybe, changing directions at halftime to continue to favor the Americans? Perhaps a monsoon will inundate the field after the U.S. goes ahead early? Or maybe it will just be perfect weather on that lovely grass field at the National Stadium - infinitely better than the carpeted concrete in Saprissa - that gives us the advantage.

Whatever it is, relive the snow game here, and tell us what you're looking for tonight in the comments.

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