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United States vs. Germany: Centennial Match TV schedule, prediction and GameThread

The USA is celebrating its 100th birthday but enters the game coming off a (somehow still flattering) 4-2 loss to Belgium. Meanwhile die Mannschaft has sent some non-first team players who nevertheless cruised past a tough Ecuador team on Wednesday. The Yanks may need an RFK miracle to win this afternoon.


Remember, everybody: this game is not about the result. It's barely even about how well we play. This is our birthday party, as the U.S. Soccer Federation celebrates the start of its second hundred years as a thing. And who better - apparently - to play against for such a jubilee than USMNT manager Jurgen Klinsmann's native Germany, who will be missing some key starters from arguably the top national team in the world right now (but will still be really damn good, if a schellacking of FIFA 10th-ranked Ecuador this week is any indication).

Time: 2:30 pm EDT

Venue: Venerable and historic (and lovingly crumbling) RFK Memorial Stadium, Washington, DC

TV: ESPN2 y UniMas

Prediction: If you thought Belgium was "fun" or "enjoyable" or "a rip roaring good time" then you should really enjoy this one. If, however, you saw the four goals allowed by the U.S. defense as something less, you may want to pay more attention to the pomp surrounding today's game and less to what's actually happening on the field. I think the Germans run out 5-1 winners. If you're a pundit looking to write a "USMNT in CRISIS" piece, I'd encourage you to get a head start on it so you can beat the rush. For more predictions, be sure to check out what the staff at SB Nation's USA blog Stars and Stripes FC has to say.

What Are You Drinking?: It's going to be a long, hot tailgate in the sun of Lot 8, and it's the national team. So I'll be drinking the flagship offering of America's oldest brewery: today's a Yeungling day for me.

Welcome to your gamethread. This is your place for pre-game, in-game and post-game conversation.