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D.C. United release membership guide for Audi Field

Guide includes important information as United pivots to the new stadium

D.C. United released a Membership Guide for season ticket holders to walk fans through some of the necessary information involved with Audi Field. In addition to covering the prices of the different sections of the stadium, there is also information about the size of the field, which is slightly bigger than the one at RFK Stadium, to what perks the different types of membership packages include.

Most notably, the ticket prices are about what United said they would be previously. For those purchasing season tickets with the supporters, the price of a ticket will remain at $20. Though United has previously said that the supporters section will only be available for season tickets, the guide also lists a game day price point for tickets in the supporters section, at $30.

United is making 1,500 of the 12,500 season tickets available to the supporters, which will occupy section 136 and 137 behind the north goal. The guide does say that if demand calls for it, they will sell up to 2,000 season tickets to supporters. The extra supporters will occupy section 135, which is right next to the other two sections. The supporters sections will be general admission.

The rest of the prices ranged from $25 to $50 per ticket for season ticket holders. That doesn’t include the Club Level or MVP Field seats, as prices are only available by calling the team directly. Those $25-$50 tickets are more expensive on game days though, with an increase ranging from $5 for tickets in the south stand, increasing from $25 for season tickets to $30 on the day of a game. $50 season tickets on the sideline become $75 if purchased for a single game.

The guide also covers the process in which individuals will be able to select the location of their season tickets in the upcoming months. That includes a priority list, which is based on the amount of years someone has been a season ticket holder with the club. As of now, there are no plans to include partial season ticket plans, but the team notes that this may change down the road.

The stadium capacity for soccer games is maxed out at 20,000. That includes 19,400 seats, with an additional 600 people for standing room only. The capacity can increase to 23,000 for other events, such as concerts, where the field can be used to get people a place in the stadium. The guide also says that there will be 6,500 parking spots available for the stadium, though there is no specific mention of where those spots will be.

Ticketing for season ticket holders will also be done completely on mobile devices at Audi Field. The guide says there will be more information regarding the mobile only policy next year.

One last bit of information is the size of the field itself, which the guide says will stand at 115 by 75 yards. Currently, RFK Stadium has the second smallest field in MLS, at 110 x 75 yards. The only one smaller is the field at Yankee Stadium. The new size will be in the middle tier in terms of field size in MLS, and there are several other stadiums that have a 115 x 75 yard configuration. That list includes Avaya Stadium, Gillette Stadium, Mapfre Stadium, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

It’s worth checking out the entire guide for yourself, if for no other reason than to see how the sun will hit the field at various times throughout the year.