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D.C. United supporters groups won’t see ticket price increases at Audi Field in 2018

Fans will also get a chance to name the north stand

While construction of D.C. United’s new stadium Audi Field continues at a solid pace, the team’s supporters groups, who have expressed concerns about some aspects of the move from RFK Stadium, have some good news coming their way. Black and Red United has learned that fans that want to sit with the supporters groups, who will now be set up behind the north goal rather than at midfield, will not see an increase in ticket prices for the 2018 season. A season ticket for the 2017 season cost roughly $360 in the supporters section at RFK.

In a survey given out to fans two years ago, United asked about various price points that supporters would be willing to pay at the new stadium. On the sideline, where the supporters sit now, the price started at $1000 for a season ticket, and worked down to $800. That signaled the intent for United to move the supporters from the sideline, where more expensive tickets can be sold, to behind a goal, where most supporter groups around the league are place. In that survey, the same questions were asked about price points behind the goal, starting $550, and working down to $400.

The north stand will also be general admission, which might lead to the three different supporters groups blending in together. At RFK Stadium, there are distinct sections that separate the three groups, the Screaming Eagles, Barra Brava, and the District Ultras.

Supporters will also have a chance to name the north stand. There have been calls in the past to honor Javier “Chico” Solares by naming a stand after him. Chico was a beloved member of the Barra Brava, before his death in 2012.

The last tidbit that B&RU learned was that there will be a place for supporters to tailgate during the 2018 season. Details aren’t clear yet as to where that will take place. However, there aren’t any assurances beyond the 2018 season, which tends to suggest that the tailgate area will occupy a spot near the stadium that is slated for future development.

United invited fans out to an event last night - the first of three such get-togethers - to get information out about the new stadium. The event allowed some questions and answers as well, though that session wasn’t strictly focused on the stadium itself, with United bringing several players along to the event to interact with fans.