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D.C. United stadium final zoning order and building permits issued

The I’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed

When we last left the D.C. United stadium approval process, the Zoning Commission had voted to approve the planned unit development, but with some edits to the final order requested by the Commission to address concerns raised by ANC 6D. D.C. United filed a revised final order to the Zoning Commission in March, and the Commission accepted and approved the team’s revised order, which was published in the DC Register two weeks ago. The commission accepts the District and the team’s reports about transportation, traffic, and transit and deems that they will be at acceptable levels.

Once the final order was published, the team immediately went and obtained the building permits necessary for the structure of the stadium itself, and not just the preparation and foundation work which had been the beginning of the construction process. Since there isn’t a foundation to dig out, due to the Pepco easement, you should be able to see the structure going up quickly.

If you are interested in watching the progress, the team takes a picture of the stadium site every 30 minutes or so throughout the day. Right now, I see a bunch of concrete mixing trucks on the site, getting ready to pour the team’s future.