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D.C. United fans can have an inscribed brick outside Audi Field

It isn’t cheap, but you can be a part of the permanent landscape at Buzzard Point

Courtesy of D.C. United

Progress at Audi Field has steadily carried on, and as D.C. United gets closer to moving in we’re seeing more and more nuances that will become part of the fabric of attending games in the years to come. The latest of these is apparently the chance to purchase a brick, inscribed with a message that will be placed on what’s being billed as the “Audi Field Fanwalk” leading up to the main entrance of the stadium. The idea is akin to something that clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal have done for their stadiums.

The idea is cool. The price? A little less so, as prices range from $200-$250, depending on the size of brick you choose. When compared to the campaign that Liverpool did just last year, an 8” x 8” brick at Audi Field costs almost double the price of a similarly sized 200mm x 200mm stone at Anfield.

There are, of course, some differences. The link to the Audi Field bricks says they “...come with one replica brick for display in your home or office,” which Liverpool fans may not have received during their campaign (the site involved there does not specify). You get more text on an Audi Field brick than an Anfield one (16 characters per line vs. 14) and more lines of text as well. If you’d like a display case for your replica brick you can get one at an additional cost, depending on size, so you could be looking at potentially $400 or so if you go all in.

Before you ask, inscriptions are reviewed by the team, and messages of an inflammatory nature will be declined (“Discriminatory, political, offensive, or inappropriate messages as determined by D.C. United...”) and given the opportunity to resubmit. So you can’t put Baba Booey on it.

So what are you putting on your brick?