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Jason Levien, D.C. United managing general partner, on the location of the supporters groups

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Jason Levien went on the Kojo Nnamdi Show and talked about many things relating to the proposed D.C. United stadium.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Levien went on the Kojo Nnamdi Show today and talked about a number of  things relating to the proposed D.C. United stadium, including the Reeves Center land swap and the concerns around that. However, he did let slip one thing about the proposed stadium that would relate to its operation: he said that he would want to keep the supporters groups in the middle of the stadium, rather than behind one of the goals.

Having the supporters groups in that position at RFK Stadium works well for a number of reasons: it rewards some of the team's most passionate fans by giving them good seats and it always look great on television. However, there are two practical matters, the first of which is whether or not all of the various supporters groups want to all to stay there or if any of them want to be behind the goal. The four supporters groups cannot be painted with one broad brush. The second is that those center sideline seats could fetch some significant cash, and so the ownership might want to capitalize on them. (The costs of tickets overall will be interesting to see, given that United's are some of the highest in the league right now; that, however, is an issue for a different post)

However, all of that said I initially like the idea of the supporters groups staying where they are. But you, both members and non-members, where do you want those groups to be? And why?