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D.C. United releases ticket prices for 2015, how does it stack up?

In which we put on our amateur business hats and overanalyze the trends and implications.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So D.C. United released ticket prices for renewing (and barring huge presumption, introductory) season ticket holders today. Of note, this pricing comes out two months later than it did last year, but past that, let's look at the figures:

Matchday Full Half Flex
Season Season Plan
Field Level $200 $2,394
Club Level $125 $1,530
Mezzanine $55 $792 $450
Midfield $45 $648 $360
Sideline $35 $486 $279 $132
Corner $30 $432 $234 $80
Supporters' $25 $360
Endline $20

Random (and quick) observations follow on a relatively stable list:

  • As a holder of Supporters' STH seats, seeing the drop in price is encouraging. More of this please.
  • Endline seats drop to $20 on gamedays, but no more season plans. Sorry.
  • The other thing of note is the price increase of club level seats, particularly game days. Currently $90 on gamedays now, I'm guessing the team is trying out something, but if Buzzard Point is coming to any hint of realization, new stadium > luxury boxes > Club Level seats/suites being a target-rich environment.
Otherwise, there seems to be little going on here. With the club being how it is financially (consider that the recent MLS Players' Union salary list has the yet to start play Orlando City SC doubling D.C.'s payroll at the moment), there is little to really be surprised by at this point. The beginning of year party will likely serve as the "Meet The Team" event for awhile, and your STH beer can opener or similar trinket will be part of the package when it is mailed.

Anything of note for you guys?