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D.C. City Administrator Allen Y. Lew goes on the record about Buzzard Point stadium

The city official, who was heavily involved in construction of Nationals Park and the new Washington Convention Center, told the Washington Post's Jonathan O'Connell that the framework to construct a 20,000+ seat stadium in Southwest could be finalized "within a year."

Stephen Whiting

Do we need to start adding a question mark to the end of our Zzzzzzzz's? Jonathan O'Connell, a business reporter with the Post and jonny-on-the-spot when it comes to reporting on the District's end of the ongoing D.C. United stadium saga, is reporting this morning that D.C. City Administrator Allen Y. Lew has been tasked by Mayor Vincent Gray to head up the drive to allow D.C. United to build a new stadium at Buzzard Point. Said Lew: "The administration is continuing to work with the D.C. United organization to develop a new soccer stadium. I don't think there's been this much energy put into it by anyone in the past, in any recent administrations."

Even though O'Connell leads with Lew's statement that after several meetings with United's ownership and other stakeholders, the framework to build a new soccer venue could be finalized "within a year," the real news here is Lew himself. Lew oversaw the planning and construction of the District's two most recent city-led construction megaprojects, the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and, more recently, Nationals Park. He's kind of a big deal, and his inclusion - and his going on the record - is a definite sign of progress.

Of course, nothing is finished yet, and we're still a long way from shovels hitting the ground at Half & R Streets SW. But if this is anything, it's good news for United's organization and its fans.