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D.C. United Stadium Hunt: Jason Levien tells the Post he's optimistic and the team has ruled out Baltimore

Steve Goff, the Washington Post's Soccer Insider, has the scoop this morning with an interview of Jason Levien, who appears to be more bullish than ever on D.C. United's chances to build a stadium in the District. It looks like his machete is making headway. Read on for the latest Zzzzzzzzzz Report.

Patrick McDermott

The biggest actual news from the first half of Steve Goff's interview with D.C. United Managing Partner Jason Levien - which you absolutely should go read right now; we'll be here when you get back - has to be that the organization has taken a Baltimore stadium option off of the table, with Levien saying, "Our focus is here [in D.C.] Our fans deserve our focus to be here and that is guiding us right now."

Our focus is here [in D.C.] Our fans deserve our focus to be here and that is guiding us right now. -Jason Levien, D.C. United Managing Partner

This dovetails nicely with the optimism Levien appears to be expressing about a potential stadium at Buzzard Point, saying that the organization feels better now about their collaboration with the city than they did even three months ago and saying, "There is more than hope" pushing things forward at this point. Being reasonable, of course, Levien declined to set a timetable or provide further details on the ongoing talks with the government and parties who own the land at the proposed site in Southwest, including PEPCO and Ackridge Development.

At the Season Ticket Holder Q&A earlier this month, United's Chief Marketing Officer Doug Hicks also seemed bullish on the stadium, saying that at some point in the near future, fans of the Black-and-Red would wake up to very good news and that around 18 months after that, we'd have a pretty new building to call home. Now, today is definitely not the first day on that scale. But that day is coming.

This has been your periodic Zzzzzzz Report.

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