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D.C. held a Disposition Meeting about the Reeves Center last night; Stadium proposal expected this week

The District held a public meeting about the disposition of the Reeves Center, which is hoped to be the keystone to the land swaps for D.C. United's stadium deal; today, Vincent Gray said he expects to have a proposal this week.

Patrick McDermott

Last night, at 6 PM, the District's Department of General Services held a public Disposition Meeting about the fate of the Reeves Center at the Reeves Center. The intent of the meeting was to hear the voices of the community in the U Street Corridor as to what they want from any new development on that site. Their voices matter because the Reeves Center is the key piece in the land swap that is supposed to happen between Akridge and the District in order to get D.C. United most of the land for the stadium deal.

One of the primary desires voiced during that meeting was for more "daytime traffic," which means office space rather than residential development. Another desire shared by citizens and several council members alike is that the U Street Farmer's Market and the D.C. LGBT Community Center be able to stay on that property. The presentation given by the Department of General Services also included a rough timeline for disposition of the Reeves Center, which includes the finalization of the land swap sometime in "early to mid 2014."

All of this also comes on the heels of news from Pablo Maurer that the stadium proposal will be delivered the the D.C. Council before Christmas; obviously, it will not be evaluated, debated, or voted upon until January at the earliest, but after a few missed deadlines it is good to see progress moving forward. In the piece, Council members Jim Graham and Jack Evans are generally supportive of the deal, but have reservations especially about the way that the Mayor is handling in the deal. Vincent Gray also confirmed today that he expects to submit the stadium deal plan to the Council by the end of the week.