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First Deadline Missed for new D.C. United stadium on Buzzard Point

Last Friday was the deadline for Mayor Gray's administration and developer Akridge to submit a land swap proposal to the D.C. Council for approval. That deadline was not met, opening the door to cascading delays as D.C. United looks for a new home on Buzzard Point.

Cavan Wilk

The City Paper's Aaron Wiener pointed out on Friday that we have now seen the first missed deadline in the latest plan to let D.C. United build a stadium, on Buzzard Point in Southwest D.C. Under the term sheet signed by representatives of the District government and D.C. United, the city has until the end of the calendar year to obtain the legal right to all parcels in the stadium footprint. While that deadline is still within the realm of possibility, it may now be a bit more of a reach, as an important earlier sub-deadline has now come and gone.

Under the letter of intent signed by Mayor Gray's administration (led by City Administrator Allen Y. Lew) and Akridge, Friday, Nov. 15 was the deadline the two parties to submit a proposed agreement for a land swap to the D.C. Council for approval. While the necessary appraisals on land have apparently all come in, the two sides have yet to finalize an agreement. Hopefully we'll see the proposal submitted to the Council in the coming days, but significant delay would obviously put the entire stadium plan in jeopardy, especially as we get closer and closer to that year-end deadline.

I'm not close to pressing the panic button yet, but this is the first significant negative news on the stadium push since the announcement back in July. Use the comments to let us know your thoughts on this latest development in United's seemingly never-ending quest for new digs.

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