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Report: D.C. United in serious talks with Wayne Rooney

Is he the answer to United’s scoring woes?

Everton v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Per Steven Goff, D.C. United is currently in serious discussions with Everton’s Wayne Rooney. Sources estimate the chance of this signing happening at 50%, and it would be meant to address D.C. United’s biggest need: goal-scoring. This comes after D.C. United made contact with Wayne Rooney’s people last year, but Black and Red United was told at the time that the contact then was very brief.

Wayne Rooney is internationally known for his time at Manchester United and with the English national team, though he has now returned to his boyhood club of Everton. He has scored 10 goals this Premier League season, starting very hot but not having scored since late December. He is the top scorer in English men’s national team history and second in all-time Premier League scoring.

We will break down the implications and chances of success going forward, but here are two contrasting ideas of how it could go, from Kevin McCauley and Thomas Floyd:

More as we get it.