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Red D.C. United jersey numbers may be in the future

Please? Pretty please?

While we were all basking in the glow of D.C. United officially releasing their upcoming home jersey, forward Alvaro Saborio was unpacking his gear, and there was a funny thing in the background:

Wait, what? Red numbers? Is this even remotely possible? Gimme gimme! I asked the team store via twitter and the response I got was:

Red numbering on a white road shirt would look pretty damn sexy, to say nothing of including the new badge at the bottom of the numbers, which, if an MLS thing presumably, would be nice to see happen across the League for the first time. I'm a little uncertain about how it would look on a home shirt, but hey, it's not the Black and Red for nothing.

Regardless, if the team store guys are reading this, please, PLEASE make this happen.