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D.C. United transfer news and rumors: Michael Seaton on the move again?

The Homegrown forward may have found a desired deal. But to where?

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

D.C. United homegrown forward and Jamaica national teamer Michael Seaton head been loaned out to Orebro SK in the Swedish Allsvenskan before returning last month due to a lack of playing time. And he is one to have some fun with folks on social media, though his last couple of tweets (one at 2am and the other this evening), do have us wondering a little:

Obviously you can read into these what you wish, though it seems at quick glance like D.C. will be getting a tiny bit of breathing room on the roster, though as we talked about earlier today, we would doubt that anything big or slightly less big occurs between Seaton and Eddie Johnson coming off the Black and Red books.