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Will Inter Milan send redundant players to D.C. United? Maybe someday.

Erick Thohir, owner of D.C. United and Inter, is talking about sending players to MLS.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

These are the kinds of rumors that I hoped to be hearing from the minute that Erick Thohir bought Inter Milan. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, an Italian sports newspaper, Erick Thohir's new idea for the team is to try and send any of the players that are redundant but that he cannot sell during the January window to D.C. United. The players mentioned in the article that Inter is trying to sell are Yann M'Vila (though he is only on loan to Inter), Zdravko Kuzmanović, Rene Krhin, Joel Obi, and Ibrahima Mbaye.

Will any of these players actually come to D.C. United? Almost certainly not. But the fact that Thohir is talking about a relationship between the players of the two clubs, and not just the business side or the technical staffs, is encouraging to me. Much like how the players United wants to keep getting game experience are a boon to the Richmond Kickers, taking an Inter player on loan for a season would be a boon for United. And, unlike the MLS-USL PRO deal, the player would actually come to United for a full season, with the only recall available due to extreme injury crisis. We will wait and see when this actually takes place, but United should try and take full advantage of this relationship.