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Did D.C. United try to add a Jamaican International to the Roster?

D.C. United does not appear to be adding anyone at the moment, but word of another possible target comes to the collective attention.

Clive Brunskill

Over the summer, we learned from Steve Goff that D.C. United kicked the tires on acquiring Makoto Hasebe from Eintracht Frankfurt before his jump to Nurnberg. Now word comes the team had discussions with Jamaican player Jobi McAnuff before McAnuff moved to Leyton Orient in England's League One, from Reading in the Championship. McAnuff, despite being born in England, represents Jamaica in international tournaments, most recently in the World Cup qualifying stage, wearing the #10 for Jamaica when they drew with Mexico at the Azteca. Because it's England, the lack of a 15-minute look at the skills of McAnuff does not come up in a YouTube search, though more rational highlights appear.

If reports are correct, then McAnuff would be the third player that we know of who apparently had some sort of contact with the club for a senior contract, with Hasebe and Gaetano D'Agostino being the others. The common link for all three players is that they are all in their 30s, and all went (or in D'Agostino's case, going to) new teams via free transfers, so one would presume if there is a way D.C. is looking for European league players, this would be the way for them to do it, given their budget constraints.

How far along those negotiations may have been remains to be seen (and may likely never be revealed), though with the roster deadline closing by the day, one would hope D.C. put some wood on the contractual ball unless, to paraphrase from another General Manager in town that was relieved of his duties recently, he 'likes his team.'