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S-Pulse fullback Lee Ki-je offered trial by D.C. United?

D.C. United looks across the Pacific for their next possible trialist.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The rumor on Twitter is that South Korean left back Lee Ki-je has been offered a trial by D.C. United. Lee plays for Shimizu S-Pulse of the J-League, otherwise known as the team to whom D.C. United sold Dejan Jakovic after a frustrating run with the team. Lee is a left back, with the team obviously looking for more depth on the fullback line with the departure of Cristian Fernandez. Lee has over 50 appearances for S-Pulse and also played in the 2011 U-20 World Cup for South Korea.

According to his college sizzle reel, it seems as though Lee played more as a winger, and has transitioned to fullback at the professional level. He has also scored a nice free, which was nominated for goal of the month in July 2012, for S-Pulse; according to another sizzle reel, he seems to be one of the primary choices taking free kicks for S-Pulse, a talent that United desperately needs. D.C. United is well known for their recent and extended failures to sign impactful foreigners, especially from South America. Perhaps looking for talent in a different part of the world, such as Asia, might break the team out of their terrible slump of finding foreign talent to supplement the team.

But, as we all know, a sizzle reel does not a player make; nor does a trialist a signed MLS player make. However, given his pedigree and a brief look into his attributes, a player in his mold is something that D.C. United needs. Chris Korb needs someone to push him, and the team will be all the better if he is forced to the bench. Will it be Lee Ki-Je? We will just have to find out.