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Oguchi Onyewu currently training with D.C. United

In news that will lead to exactly nothing, Oguchi Onyewu has been training with D.C. United recently.


In a story that has apparently been bubbling under my radar for the past few days, Oguchi Onyewu has been training with D.C. United. Bobby Boswell mentioned it on a recent episode of Pitch Pass, and apparently you can see tiny pictures of Gooch in training photographs that D.C. United has put up (though I haven't been able to find them).

Gooch does not make a lot of sense for D.C. United at this point in time, either financially or on the field. The team already has two veteran center backs, in Jeff Parke and Bobby Boswell, as well as young center backs such as Steve Birnbaum, Nana Attakora, and Conor Shanosky. Onyewu would also require a monetary investment that United likely cannot fit under their salary cap right now, nor is he worth a designated player contract. All signs point towards the fact that he is only training with the team to keep his fitness up, and that situation makes sense for all involved.