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D.C. United to play Inter Milan in a summer friendly?

Erick Thohir owns both D.C. United and Inter Milan, and Inter Milan will already be in the United States this summer. Is a friendly between the two a foregone conclusion?

Claudio Villa

In an unsurprising rumor, websites in Italy are saying that Inter Milan will face D.C. United in a summer friendly. Inter Milan is already committed to playing in the International Champions Cup, which also features Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Manchester City. Inter will also be playing one of their games at FedEx Field during the Champions Cup. As we all know, Inter Milan is owned by Erick Thohir, the primary owner of D.C. United, and so such a friendly makes perfect sense given that Inter will already be in the country.

The main problem for this proposed friendly is schedule congestion. According to the article, Inter will leave for the United States somewhere around July 22, after their preseason training camp, with their first game in the Champions Cup coming on July 26. There would be no time for games during the Champions Cup, which ends on August 4. Therefore, the two most likely days for a friendly would be either July 23, which would be the Wednesday before United goes to Florida to play Fulham in a friendly, or August 6, a Wednesday between a Sunday game and a Saturday game.

What do you all think of a possible D.C. United-Inter Milan friendly?