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Do the results of the SB Nation mock expansion draft make us want to rethink D.C. United's protected list?

Two D.C. United players were taken in the first five rounds, one of them a guy D.C. United failed to win any games without. Does this mean we should reevaluate the process we used to make our protected lists?

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As we all know, Orlando City SC and New York City FC will be entering MLS in a scant three months' time. To get them up to speed, MLS is doing what so many American leagues have done before (including, of course, MLS itself) and giving them access to players on other club rosters by way of an expansion draft. Black and Red United, along with our SB Nation brethren, recently took part in a mock expansion draft. The two newest additions to the stable, Hudson River Blue and The Mane Land, got their picks of all the players left available by each team's respective SBN blog. If you haven't yet, go read the results of the mock expansion draft. Don't worry - we'll still be here when you get back.

See? Still here. As you will have read by now, in our little bloggers' exercise, D.C. United lost both Davy Arnaud and Eddie Johnson, both to the Purple Lions of Orlando City. EJ, we have always accepted, might move south this winter, but losing Arnaud rated as such a low risk that not one of BenChest or myself called for him to be protected, and he obviously wasn't on our final protected list.

So, does this result - which obviously has no bearing on what will actually happen on December 10 - change the way we want D.C. United to approach its protected list?

We've already gone round and round in numerous earlier posts about players on the bubble - Kofi Opare, Taylor Kemp, Chris Pontius and Sean Franklin, among others who just made or missed the list in our various iterations. But very few of us have given much consideration to actually protecting Davy Arnaud, despite the fact that United won zero MLS games in 2014 without him starting in central midfield. Does the fact that at least one writer in Central Florida picked Arnaud - and as his #3 pick, not an afterthought - change our calculus? Does seeing Eddie Johnson's name on that list change anything for us?

Are we okay with seeing these two players walk? Are we relieved not to see some other name(s)? I'm honestly not sure what the answers to these questions are - nobody ever said surviving an expansion draft was easy.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the result and how your thinking might change in the harsh light shone by the mock expansion draft.